Development of a platform solution to increase supply chain transparency in the retail industry. In addition to creating data models, RS GROUP conceived, designed and developed modules such as a communication tool, dashboards for risk analyses and an onboarding route in iterative sprints. RS GROUP took on tasks in business analysis, UX / UI design and platform development and provided SCRUM master and project management. Learn more.

Building a supply chain platform to increase supply chain transparency and sustainability standards along the supply chain

Project components:
• Design and development of a platform for master data, supplier and supply chain data management with networking mechanics
• Development of the data model and consolidation of the relevant supply chain data
• Development of evaluations, data analyses and visualisation of data
• Development and establishment of a communication module within the platform
• Creation and development of dashboards for risk monitoring
• Design and construction of an onboarding track

Our responsibility in the project:
• Strategy and market analysis
• Product and Market Benchmarking
• Sustainability research
• Process modelling
• UX / UI Design

Project roles that we have staffed:
SCRUM Master, Business Analyst, UX / UI Design