Why are we doing it?

We are convinced that our clients can successfully activate their strategy together with us and thus realise their visions and achieve their goals.

How do we do it?

- We support this by using a customised approach in combination with best practice methods, tools and techniques in partnership and on an equal footing with our clients.

- Our consultants bring their many years of experience in line management, consulting and leadership, as well as their extensive market knowledge and excellent qualifications to the task.

- We have a clear industry focus and support financial service providers, public administration and medium-sized service providers in becoming more successful.

What are we doing?

We develop strategies for and with our clients, implement them consistently and optimise processes and organisational structures. We manage projects and project portfolios - we bring our clients to their goal and not just on the way there.

A selection of our team

Kai Rommel


"We support our clients in mastering strategic challenges - not only in PowerPoint, but above all in real life. The diversity of our consultants' skills offers significant added value in the development and implementation of solutions. For me, active participation in projects is a matter of course - it's fun and strengthens the team spirit!"

Ralf Sträter


"At its core, every strategy is based on a good idea. Unfortunately, too often hardly anything of this idea reaches the reality of life. Complexities increase, resources are scarce, one gets lost in the details or bogged down with new topics. From my experience I know: an idea is only as good as its implementation! This is what we stand for as DIE STRATEGIEAKTIVIERER."

Wolfgang Steinfartz

Project Manager

"In our digital world, it is more important than ever not to miss the boat and to anticipate potential as early as possible. Whether it's IT infrastructure, software, organisation or processes - together with you, we take the path from strategy to implementation. We accompany you with our many years of experience in modern project management and work with you as a team for the success of your company and the added value of your customers."

Markus Kuhn


"My focus is on the development and management of programmes and large-scale projects in public administration and banking. I see myself as a generalist who quickly gets to grips with the issues and works with clients to find the best solution. My strength is maintaining an overview in complex business IT projects, resolving conflicts and integrating agile methods. In doing so, I report to top management just as much as I actively drive topics forward at work level. RS GROUP offers me the chance to accompany exciting internal topics and my "own" digital transformation."

Axel Johannemann


"Ideas are at the beginning of every strategy and also of every change. One of the main challenges in many projects is the translation of these ideas into concrete goals: Where do we want to go? What has to change to achieve this? And what does that mean in concrete terms for processes, structures, people and IT? We support our clients in answering precisely these questions as precisely and honestly as possible at the beginning of a project. Then projects run - and ideas, strategies and changes become reality. That's how we activate strategies."

Norbert Zumbruch

Associated Partner

"Creating innovative solutions for customers and realising them in projects - that is the focus of RS GROUP. That's why, together with the customer, I develop sustainable strategies for their transitions into the digital future. In doing so, customers can benefit from my many years of experience in project management and IT technologies, complemented by current knowledge of agile methods and cloud-based solutions."

Adam Kalus

Project Manager

"The spectrum of my projects ranges from the optimisation of existing processes to the implementation of entire visions. With great passion, we work together with the customer to develop meaningful, individual solutions that generate real added value. To do this, we use agile and classic project management methods as well as our comprehensive digitalisation know-how. In this way, we succeed in developing innovative and sustainable solutions even in difficult situations. The success of the project is rounded off by honest and clear communication."

Sebastian Golatta

IT Project Manager

"As a business psychologist with 10 years of experience in project management, I feel just as much at home in large-scale projects in public administration as in IT projects in the manufacturing industry. My function as a link between different departments, points of view and requirements requires empathy as well as a high degree of conflict ability and solution orientation. That is why I like to support the team in all questions from hard to soft skills. RS GROUP supports me in my projects internally, through a broad-based team of motivated experts. I appreciate the agile and positive spirit in this owner-managed company."

Oliver Oberhoffer

Senior Consultant / Recruiting Manager

"At RS GROUP, I can pursue my function as Recruiting Manager in optimal conditions. My added value of efficiently filling vacancies in success-critical areas is complemented by additional project activities, so that I can also use my know-how in transition and digitalisation projects."

Duc Nguyen

Senior Consultant

"In the midst of the digital transformation, I work with clients in financial services and SMEs to grasp the technological opportunities of our time and integrate them into their core business. Together with the companies, as a project manager, I develop cross-functional working methods and use strategic courses of action to ultimately activate successful and sustainable business models."

Michael Baumann


"The basic idea of RS GROUP convinced me from the very beginning. As a new employee, I am excited about the possibility of directly contributing relevant added value to the project. In addition, as a new generation, I have the chance to contribute my suggestions and ideas and can thus set my own impulses."

Thomas Jansen


"One of my guiding principles is not to think in terms of problems, but in terms of solutions. New projects, new demands require reactive action and new solutions. Actively shaping the progress in projects, the change in processes and the development that goes with it motivates me every day anew."

Linda Westphal


"After my studies, I was able to actively participate in various projects and quickly acquire new skills by joining RS GROUP directly. From the very beginning, this allows me to contribute to the development and realisation of customer strategies. My understanding of the industry and knowledge of methods is thus being developed further step by step."

Regina Hasenkampf

Working Student

"Thanks to my work as a student trainee at RS GROUP, I remain active in my professional life as a trained industrial clerk despite my studies. By being involved in projects as a full-fledged team member, I can grow with new challenges and gain further skills. Working from home allows me to coordinate my studies and my job. RS GROUP stands for flat hierarchies, a professional appearance and a dynamic and highly motivated team.

So if you want to get the most output from your student work, this is the place to be."

Max Ebsen

Working Student

"Working as a student trainee at RS GROUP is the perfect complement to my studies. It was important for me to take on responsibility as a working student and to be actively involved in projects. At RS GROUP you are immediately perceived as an important part of the team and are also given challenging and varied tasks. You learn many new methods and techniques and have the opportunity to apply them directly to projects."

Wanda Hasenkampf

Working Student

"As a trained bank clerk and current student, it was important for me not to neglect my everyday professional life and to continue to gain professional experience. At RS GROUP, as a working student, you are an equal team member who is diverse involved in various innovative projects and is appreciated for the work you do. Special attention is paid to learning from each other and growing together. In workshops and training sessions, we are taught knowledge that is useful both for practice and for the theoretical part of our studies. Working virtually makes my job particularly flexible. That's exactly how I imagine a modern employer in this day and age."

Nicole Starker

Working Student

"In my studies, I focus on topics related to digitalisation. Through the working student position at RS GROUP I put my theoretical knowledge into practice and expand my technical and methodological skills. The virtual and modern working environment at RS GROUP is an ideal combination of my studies and my work."

Katharina Berner

Working Student

"It is important to me that I can also gain relevant practical experience alongside my studies. RS GROUP allows me to be in the middle of things instead of just being there and to be able to work independently on different projects. In addition, my work-study job gives me the feeling that I am not only creating added value internally but also making a positive change for our external customers and in our society."

Roman Zent

Working Student

"Working as a student trainee at RS GROUP allows me to develop and hone new and existing skills. Many of these skills are not necessarily taught at university, which is why gaining practical experience is essential for me. From day one, you are considered a full team member at RS GROUP and are integrated into all existing structures. So This means that you are not just "the working student", but can provide direct added value in internal and external projects and set your own priorities."

A selection of our team