About us

About us

We are convinced that, together with us, our clients can successfully activate their strategy, thus realising their visions and ultimately achieving their corporate goals.

Kai Rommel

"We support our clients in mastering strategic challenges - not only in PowerPoint, but in real life. The diversity of our consultants' skills offers significant added value in the development and implementation of solutions. For me, active participation in projects is natural - it's fun and strengthens the team spirit!

Ralf Sträter

"At its core, every strategy is based on a good idea. Unfortunately, too often hardly any part of the idea materialises. Complexities increase, resources are scarce, one gets lost in the details or tied down by new challenges. From my experience I know: an idea is only as good as its implementation! That's what we #STRATEGIEAKTIVER stand for!"

The team

RS-MEW is an acronym (German) and stands for respect, fun, added value, commitment and knowledge.
We behave in a respectful and honest manner.
We enjoy our work and appreciate the challenge.
We are committed and create sustainable added value together.
We actively pass on knowledge.


In times of the Corona pandemic and predominant work in the home office, our events have not been neglected in the past. During the course of the year, we organise our own events such as Homecoming. In addition, we regularly take part in the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge together as a company.

J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge 2024

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Team Building

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