Development of a global sustainability supplier platform for the chemical industry. RS GROUP was not only responsible for the technical conception, the business analysis and the UX / UI design, but also for the management and responsibility with product owners and scrum masters. With the help of targeted requirement engineering and process management as well as the latest technologies, tools were brought together within a platform that help companies to comply with current ESG regulations such as the CSRD or the supply chain due diligence act (LkSG).

Design and development of an ESG supplier platform with LkSG and CSRD compliance

Project components:
• Product and Market Benchmarking
• Development of a supplier portal with supplier management
• Conception and design of a risk analysis tool according to LkSG and CSRD requirements incl. data collection through e.g. questionnaires and media crawling
• Conception of a tool for data evaluation as well as automated and standardised creation of reports

Our responsibility in the project:
• Technical conception in the area of ESG and supply chain due diligence act (LkSG)
• Business Analysis / Requirements Engineering and Process Management
• UX / UI Design
• Product and Market Benchmarking

Project roles that we have staffed:
Product Owner LkSG und Compliance, Business Analyst, UX / UI Design