Financial Services

    Banking, Payment & Information Systems
    As an industry expert, we support financial service providers such as banks, payment and information service providers in mastering their transformation processes and setting themselves apart from the competition.

    Financial Services

    Die RS GROUP ist nicht nur in Digitalisierungsthemen der richtige Partner an Ihrer Seite, sondern auch, um Nachhaltigkeitslösungen ganzheitlich und digital umzusetzen. Wir sehen Nachhaltigkeit nicht als Trend oder Verzicht, sondern als Chance, von der auch Ihr Unternehmen langfristig profitieren kann. Mit Leidenschaft und dem Zusammenspiel aus jahrelanger Erfahrung im deutschen Mittelstand und einer Start-up Mentalität begleiten wir Sie gerne bei der nachhaltigen Transformation Ihres Unternehmens und dabei, Sie fit für die Zukunft zu machen.

    Current topics

    The banking world has been changing constantly for years. The drivers of this development are, for example, FinTechs, which increase the competitive pressure with selective solutions. But also regulators who, among other things, are expanding the valuation framework for investment transactions. Keyword: climate risks. In addition, general cost increases and the lack of skilled workers pose further challenges for the industry. The challenges call for solutions. Implementing these mostly technical solutions quickly and efficiently is our core competence.

    Return of a banking licence

    As one of the few corporate consultancies, we have profound practical experience with regard to the return of a banking licence and offer comprehensive services for the associated handling of business operations. This ranges from the conception of the process and automation in the operational business to the professional and disciplinary management of a team of employees.

    Regulatory requirements ZAIT

    To ensure the operation of IT systems and IT processes, financial service providers based in Germany must adhere to the regulations and requirements of the ZAIT as well as other relevant regulatory authorities. With our expertise, we support you in implementing regulatory compliance, risk assessment and management, security, data protection, reporting and audit measures. This ensures legal compliance and minimises potential risks.

    Payment Provider

    New developments in the market as well as the resulting changes in payment transactions mean that the terminals as well as the software with which they are operated have to be adapted based on certain criteria such as new security standards and further customer needs. Our expertise and support in implementing regulatory compliance, risk assessment and management, security, data protection, reporting and auditing measures ensures legal compliance and minimises potential risks.

    Contactless payment via NFC interface

    Product portfolio Expansion of a payment service provider with an app that can accept payments at the point of sale (POS) by card or e-wallets. Payments via NFC can be accepted by the app without the need for a payment terminal.